Review: Star Wars Black Obi-Wan Kenobi

Star Wars Black is now in its second year and before the fourth wave appears around here, I figured I should register my thoughts on what’s widely available on store shelves. Hitting with the third wave of figures, Obi-Wan here is the second prequel era figure that Hasbro’s made. They’re being very cautious about that, … Continue reading

The top 10 MOTUC figures we need or it’ll all be for NOTHING: #’S 4-1

The last year of Masters of the Universe Classics is upon us, and we’re going to get the last SDCC panel covering it from Mattel that much sooner. But before that, we’ve got to finish this thing up, so I can feel that much more powerful over the laws of reality. Seriously, I was talking … Continue reading

The Top 10 MOTUC figures we need or it’ll all be for NOTHING: #’s 7-5

Fresh off Mattel’s reveals of Tung Lashor and Sweet Bee, it’s time for us to hurry up with part 2 of this list! While I debate what color I prefer New Adventures She-Ra in, if I really care about her at all, you can enjoy all this list before the Mattel panel reveals. I’m still … Continue reading

The Top 10 MOTUC figures we need or it’ll all be for NOTHING: #’s 10-8

It’s time for a list again! I know everyone knows them as much as I do!

Episode 185: Return of the 00’s Comedies

Our exhaustive study of film comedy starting from the year 2000 concludes! I hope everyone is excited to hear me talk about how The Hangover didn’t really blow my mind (again)! Among other things, we’ll talk about what is Kevin Smith’s least liked film (answer for me: all of them), why people hate Stepbrothers (because they’re crazy), whether or … Continue reading

Episode #184: The Spiral Pole Victim

The World Cup seems to have taken a long enough break to actually get everyone to pay attention to recording, so we’re back again! This week: E3! It happened! Kind of! Relive the disappointment of this year’s least interesting reveals, promises of games that will be delayed again, and derivative media content upgrades that will … Continue reading

Marvel Legends Infinite Baron Zemo review

We’re something around a decade plus into Marvel Legends now (including the years where there was little being released) and Hasbro has actually had the brand longer than ToyBiz at this point. After 4 waves of ML “returning”, the next permutation of the line is here and takes the form of waves themed around the … Continue reading

What’s been going on while I wasn’t on the site

So since I finally put something up on the blog the other day, I figured I should make some attempt to explain why there was something around a 6 month gap in new posts appearing.


  For all the frustration that 2012’s The Amazing Spider-Man afforded me, I always felt that the movie’s greatest problems lied with the script and an overall lack of identity on behalf of director Marc Webb. The Peter Parker of that film was a headstrong jerk, tramping all over his personal relationships, relying on his … Continue reading

Episode #137: Jupiter Compressed

Simply because I won’t let myself take a break, we’re back with a new episode! Chris was off somewhere participating in the jet setting lifestyle of a photographer, so you guys are stuck listening to us three nerds talk about GUNBUSTER for half an hour, immediately after a debate about if there’s tragically unexplored parts … Continue reading

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